Lynette Murray Hair - Business Shoot


We had a shoot with one  of the best in the business for all things wedding hair, Lynette Murray. We popped along to her studio to try and capture the essence of her and everything she is about. Lynette is super friendly, bubbly and just a kind and caring person, so to have her down the corridor from our own studio is great. 

How you look in a picture with your professional business profile and contact information is sometimes the first time a person will actually see you.  And when they look at your picture, what will their perception be about you? If you don’t have a professional photo, people will often come to the conclusion that you don’t take your career seriously and you may not be very professional yourself. We can produce the best of both worlds, where we can have the images reflect who you are as a person and even throw in a little fun here and there. We also suggest photographing a little bit of detail from where you work if you have a studio space, or home office.

Get in touch via if you are interested in having a upgrade of imagery for you and your business.